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Causes of lack of appetite

06 November 2020
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There are many foods that are classified within the concept of healthy food, and in this article we will provide details on the 15 best types of foods that are considered the most healthy, according to studies and statistics throughout the United States and Western Europe

A healthy and balanced diet is based on a person following a specific system, through which certain foods are eaten that help improve the physical health of a person. There are also many diets that help in losing weight but in an unhealthy way, for example the "Fad Crush" diet - Fad crash which is potentially dangerous to public health.

Figures in the United States of America indicate that an estimated 100 acres of pizza is consumed per day, and therefore it is necessary for us to know the types of healthy foods, their benefits and the possibility of including them in our diet, and this is very important, in order to benefit the body and help prevent disease.

We must always remember that healthy food is the main factor in a balanced diet, and healthy food is not limited to eating only one type of food, but rather includes several types that work together in an integrated manner, and we will mention some of them in our following paragraphs:

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